GT VISION & Family Resource Center

GT VISION (Gloucester Township Violence in Society Initiative Operational Network) is a comprehensive approach to addressing crime through an understanding that social disorder and substance abuse fuels crime especially among young people.
The program acknowledges that effective long term crime fighting goals must include community wide crime prevention effort and assertive policing. Crime Fighting police operations are critical in attacking substance abuse and crime; however, such action must be supported with community wide interventions and prevention strategies to make such hard working police activity successful in the long term.
GT VISION is the police and community umbrella encompassing GT PIER, Project CASEY, Project SAVE, Project MARRS, and the Family Resource Center which collectively offer proactive policing and community based long term prevention and intervention reduction strategies to combat the social disorder that gives rise to crime and delinquency.

The Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center (FRC) is home of the GT VISION Program and other youth centered activities in the community. Staffed by a licensed Clinical Social Worker, the FRC provides professional counseling services in a comfortable, home-like setting. GT Focus meetings for at risk youth and their parents and The Gathering Space, a teen counseling and support group, meet weekly throughout the year. In addition, individual and family counseling is offered free of charge to community families struggling with issues affecting our youth.

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