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Firearms purchases are governed by New Jersey State Law under Chapter 58 of the 2C Criminal Justice Code. To purchase any type of firearm in New Jersey, a person must possess a firearms identification card (FID card). To specifically purchase a handgun, a person must also possess a Permit to Purchase a Handgun (PPH). Only one handgun may be purchased every thirty (30) days unless an exemption is granted. As of 02/18/2019 applications for the following firearms related matters will be done on-line through the New Jersey State Police website. This New Jersey State Police website is called the Firearms Application and Registration System (FARS).

This FARS process will be for both new and returning applicants.

Effective 10/01/2021: Activation and Implementation of E-Pistol Purchase Permits and E-Multi Handgun Exemptions (MHE), ending use of Paper Pistol Permits and MHEs. This will mark the end of the PAPER PISTOL PURCHASE PERMIT and PAPER MULTI-HANDGUN EXEMPTION FORM Firearm applicants wishing to purchase pistol permits WILL HAVE TO APPLY IN FARS. The paper application will no longer be able to be used for pistol permits. E-Firearms Identification Cards will be released in the near future, but there is no set date at this time.

The activation of FARS will allow firearms applications to be created and submitted online, using the following website:

FARS provides access to the following applications:

– Initial Firearms Purchaser Identification Card

– Permit to purchase a Handgun

– Lost or stolen Identification Card

– Mutilated Identification Card

– Change of Address on Identification Card

– Change of Sex on Identification Card

– Change of Name on Identification Card


FARS Application Steps and Procedures

Step 1

Applicants must visit the below listed website and review the “Service Information” section of the page. Click on the “Online S.T.S. 033 Form” option, located towards the bottom, left corner of the page. Applicants MUST enter the site address as it is displayed:


Step 2:

When prompted, enter the Gloucester Township Police Department ORI Number NJ0041500. Applicants will not be able to complete the FARS online application without the proper ORI number. If a wrong or non-existent ORI is entered in error, the application will be miss-routed or lost. You may be required to re-file and pay any applicable fees a second time.


Below, is an example of what the FARS website will display after the applicant has entered the ORI number:

Step 3:

Complete the online application carefully, step by step. Applicants may complete the application using a smartphone, mobile device, laptop computer,  desktop computer, or in our GTPD Kiosk near the Watch Desk. When completing the application applicants will need the e-mail address of two (02) reputable references. The references can be family members.


Step 4:

You MUST pay for your initial Firearms Identification card (FID) and/or Permit to Purchase a Handgun(s) by utilizing the Gloucester Township Police Department Firearms Permit Payment System at the following link:

Your application WILL NOT be processed until you have paid for the initial Firearms Identification card (FID)/Permit to Purchase a Handgun(s). Non-refundable payment is required to be made prior to the start of the background investigation as per NJAC 13:54-1.4. These fees as well as any fees for fingerprinting/SBI212A checks are set by the State of New Jersey. Payment must be made via the online Gloucester Township Police Department Firearms Payment System. NO cash, checks or money orders will be accepted. There is no charge for replacement/duplicate FID cards.

Initial Firearms Identification Card: $50.00

Permit to Purchase a Handgun: $25.00/each

Permit to Carry a Handgun: $150.00



Step 5:

After the applicant’s background check and Firearms Identification card (FID) and/or Permit to Purchase a Handgun is complete, a representative from the Gloucester Township Police Department Firearms Unit will contact the applicant and advise the applicant of the same. The GTPD Firearms Unit will make arrangements with the applicant to retrieve the Firearms Identification Card and/or Permit to Purchase a Handgun.


Important and Helpful Notes

When your applicants apply in FARS for Pistol Permits, and they are approved, the FARS System creates a pistol permit that is maintained in the FARS System. A link to execute the permit will be provided to the applicant as well as Licensed Firearms Dealers in the State of New Jersey. Permits can be executed by Licensed Gun Dealers or private transfers where a NICS check is exempt.

  • E – Permits will be valid for 180 days unless there is good cause to not extend the permit past the 90 day mark.
  • E – Permits may be deactivated / reactivated at any time (ERPO / TRO / Court Order / NICS Denial etc.)
  • Any application submitted before E-Permits is activated will still require paper permits.

If the applicant makes a mistake while applying, they simply can RE-APPLY. The applicant should understand that all application fees are non-refundable and nontransferable. The applicant MUST utilize the correct ORI (the Gloucester Township Police Department ORI Number NJ0041500).


FARS is taking the place of the STS 033 paper form and has been replaced with the STS 033 online form. Applicants can apply for Permits to Carry utilizing FARS at this time. See below Permit to Carry section for instructions.


The applicant MUST enter their “Official Name” / “Legal Name.” They cannot utilize simplified versions of their names (Joe vs. Joseph). Your name must be exactly as it appears on your government document (i.e. driver’s license). If your information does not match, you will be need to re-apply. If you have a suffix in your legal name make sure this included in your application.


The applicant MUST have their identification match their application address.


Applicants must enter accurate phone numbers and emails for themselves and their reputable references. If in the event that an applicant needs correct or update a current reference or supply an additional reference please contact the Gloucester Township Police Department Firearms Unit.


After the applicant enters all required information, a REVIEW PAGE appears where the applicant can review and edit all information entered into the application prior to final submission. An INITIAL APPLICANT will be able to PRINT OUT their FINGERPRINT FORM at the end of the application, and are directed to do so.


The applicant is also directed to print both the confirmation page and application at the end of the process. This is for quick reference in the event of an issue. This information will also be needed for the Gloucester Township Police Department Firearms Payment System.


No payment is taken from initial applicants by FARS. Only 212A applicants will pay at the end of their online application process. Initial Firearms Identification card (FID) and Permit to Purchase a Handgun(s) are instructed to use the online Gloucester Township Police Department Firearms Payment System:


Applicants will be receiving automated e-mail updates throughout this new process. Once your application is complete, a GTPD Firearms Unit representative will contact you to retrieve your Firearms Identification Card and/or Permit to Purchase a Handgun.


Please advise your references that the FARS system will e-mail them the reference questions to be answered. Your references can complete the questions using a smartphone, mobile device, laptop computer, or desktop computer. Please advise them to complete the questions immediately to process your background investigation.



If you are applying for an initial firearms identification card, after completing the FARS application, you will be required to make an appointment for your fingerprints to be processed. Instructions will be provided on the confirmation page. You have 90 days from the date of application to have your fingerprints processed (NO EXCEPTIONS). Failure to do so will result in your application being automatically withdrawn from the FARS system and it will be necessary to reapply. Please note that fingerprinting is required for new applications or applications for Change of Sex on an existing Firearms Identification Card. IdentoGo is now advising firearms applicants to contact their police agency to obtain their “service code” for when there are issues with their firearms fingerprints. If a resident needs a “service code” for IdentoGo fingerprint issues related to firearms, the code will be 2F164B.


Although the FARS online application system sends an automated email informing the applicant of his/her approval PLEASE WAIT TO BE CONTACTED by the Gloucester Township Police Department Firearms Unit before coming to pick up your Firearms Identification card (FID) or Permit to Purchase a Handgun(s).


If you have resided outside of NJ in the past 10 years, you must complete Form 66, Consent for Mental Health Records Search.


Fees for firearms documents are set by the State of New Jersey. Fees for fingerprinting services are set by the vendor providing the service and are not determined or collected by the Gloucester Township Police Department. Please contact the Gloucester Township Police Department Firearms Investigations Unit at 856-374-5728 or email us at if you have any additional questions/concerns.


Falsification of information during the application process is a violation of criminal law.

The following website has frequently asked questions that may be of assistance to applicants:

Permit to Conceal Carry

Download the Civilian Carry Assessment and Range Evaluation (CCARE) Protocol
Download the Memorandum CCARE Protocol 9-15-2023
Download the Use of Force Interim Training For Private Citizen Concealed Carry

Applying for a Permit to Conceal Carry a Handgun

The following instructions are the same for the initial and renewal application


Please follow instructions provided on the New Jersey State Police firearms applicant website:

Out of State Resident – apply at a non-toll road State Police Barracks closest to your residence.

In State Resident – apply to your local police department (State Police patrolled areas apply to local Barracks.)




Application Forms

Below are the New Jersey State Police fillable forms:

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