Yellow Dot Program

The Gloucester Township Police Department has established a yellow dot program for residents. The yellow dot program is simple method of documenting a person’s medical/emergency contact information and notifying emergency responders of that information in the event of a serious motor vehicle crash or emergency where the driver is incapacitated or unable to speak.

The yellow dot program began in Connecticut in 2002 and has since spread nationwide. In 2014, New Jersey enacted a law that allowed municipalities to establish their own programs.

Residents will receive an emergency information form that they complete with their personal information, any serious medical issues, medications, doctors contact information and/or anything that they feel would be beneficial to first responders, as well as recent photograph of themselves. The form is then placed in the vehicles glove compartment. Along with the form is a 2 ½ inch yellow, reflective circular decal that is placed on the rear window or rear driver’s side window. It is this “yellow dot” that signifies to responders that the drivers information is located within the vehicle.

The yellow dot program is a free voluntary program. Residents may pick up the yellow dot forms at the Gloucester Township Police Department watch desk. Residents may also contact the Traffic Services Bureau at 856-374-5715 or email for information on the program.


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