DNA Home Asset Marking Program

Applied DNA Sciences has recently partnered with the Camden County Police Chiefs Association to launch the DNA Home Asset Marking Program for residents throughout Camden County, NJ. The DNA Home Asset Marking Program enables home and business owners to mark property with a unique and invisible plant based DNA specific to the owner. The DNA mark on the property is easily identifiable by law enforcement utilizing ultraviolet light, but unseen with the naked eye. The DNA mark is nearly impossible to remove. Homeowners who mark personal property with the plant-based DNA are supplied signs and window decals warning would-be intruders that their property is marked with plant-based DNA.

More than 20 chiefs of police throughout Camden County, including Chief Harry Earle, participated in a news conference on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 at the Camden County College Emergency Training Center to announce their support of this new technology.

This initiative will serve as a tremendous deterrent to those who commit theft and burglary not only in Gloucester Township, but also across the entire county and local area. Additionally, the value of marking property will greatly assist officers when they recover property they believe to be stolen.
Your DNA Home Asset Marking Kit can be purchased at www.adnas.com/buy

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