Investigations Bureau

The Investigations Bureau consists of detectives who are directed by the Investigations Bureau Commander and Deputy Investigations Bureau Commander with the ranks of Lieutenant and Sergeant.  Detectives are responsible for the follow-up investigation of reported crimes occurring within Gloucester Township, the analysis of crime trends and the provision of support and assistance to these crime victims.  The function of the Investigations Bureau is to investigate serious and involved crimes as well as assist the Patrol Bureau.

Detectives can receive preliminary investigations, initiate investigations into serious criminal activity, assess leads, contact witnesses and interview suspects.   Additionally, they prepare and serve search warrants, locate and preserve physical evidence, recover stolen property and compile comprehensive, factual case files for prosecution. Detectives also frequently work with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies during the course of their duties.

All detectives start their police careers as uniformed patrol officers in the agency, and are later selected for the Investigation Bureau based upon their knowledge, experience and abilities.  A detective then receives additional training after being assigned to a specialized unit. The specialized units directed by the Investigations Bureau are:

Criminal Investigations Unit

The Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) investigates various crimes occurring in Gloucester Township requiring extended investigations such as homicide, assault, sex crimes and offenses, thefts, weapons offenses, criminal mischief, fraudulent activities and identity theft related matters, burglaries, robberies, shoplifting, arson and bias incidents.  A detective is responsible for follow-up on all assigned cases until such time the case clears or is satisfactorily closed. Cases can be cleared by arrest, restitution to the victim, referral to the agency that has jurisdiction on the case, determining no crime was actually committed, or exhausting all investigative leads.

Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) conducts undercover and narcotic related investigations into criminal matters impacting Gloucester Township.  This unit relies on information from a variety of sources, including anonymous tips and confidential informants.  Their goal is to develop sufficient evidence for prosecution against criminal offenders that have victimized our community and eluded conventional police efforts to apprehend them.

Intelligence Services Unit

The Intelligence Services Unit’s (ISU) responsibility is to collect and analyze intelligence information relating to criminal and terrorist activity and to coordinate the dissemination of this intelligence among federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies, ensuring compliance with specific guidelines. The unit also maintains the link to local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to ensure their resources are available to assist in all aspects of our police investigations.  This unit maintains records and identification information on all of the Megan’s Law registrants that reside, attend College or are employed within Gloucester Township.  They routinely perform checks on registrants to verify that their address of record is where they are actually residing and will investigate any violations of Megan’s Law.

Crime Scene and Property Unit

The Crime Scene and Property Unit (CSPU) is comprised of personnel who are responsible for all property and evidence recovered along with the processing of involved crime scenes, such as death investigations, sexual assaults, armed robberies and burglaries within Gloucester Township.   The daily activities of the unit include receiving, packaging, retaining and storing all property obtained by the agency.  These detectives are a highly motivated group of individuals who, using their knowledge, skills and abilities recover visible and invisible evidence using the latest technology available to law enforcement.

Firearms Applications Investigations Unit

The Firearms Applications Investigations Unit is tasked with conducting firearms applications investigations. This unit consists of officers who are directed by the Investigations Bureau Commander overseeing all investigations of all applications.

Megan’s Law Registration Unit

The Megan’s Law Registration Unit is tasked with conducting sex offenders’ registrations and investigations. This unit consists of officers who are directed by the Investigations Bureau Commander overseeing all investigations and violations.

Operations Response Unit

The Operations Response Unit (ORU) is a pro-active unit of patrol officers who specialize in problem solving in neighborhoods where normal patrol response is sometimes restrained by the various calls for service or the length of time needed to properly resolve problems.  Their focus is to conduct directed and mission oriented police activities to facilitate the delivery of services, which match community needs and will supplement the efforts of the Gloucester Township Police Department.   Their primary responsibility through intelligence and specialized tactics is to combat crimes and violations that reduce the “quality of life” within Gloucester Township.

Retail Theft Unit

The Gloucester Township Police Department Retail Theft Detectives (RTD) focuses on deterring criminal activity and ensuring the safety of the public as they visit and enjoy our local businesses, while identifying those committing thefts believed to be suffering from an addiction and in need of treatment. Upon identifying those persons that commit thefts as suffering from an addiction and stealing to support their addiction, the Retail Theft Detectives will work with the Gloucester Township Police SAVE advocate in guiding the offender into a treatment program.

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