Donate To Gloucester Township Police’s No Shave November For Cancer Prevention, Education, and Research!

Gloucester Township Police Officers and Staff are raising funds for cancer prevention, education, research, and letting their facial hair grow in the process- and you can help!

Go to , and click on ” Make A Donation” on the left. Choose an amount, fill out your name, email, then choose “Yes, donate to team”. On the next line type in “Gloucester Township Police”. Complete the rest of the form and choose the credit card or Paypal option on the next page! That’s it!

If you are not familiar with “No Shave November”, it is a campaign held annually from November 1st to November 30th to raise money and awareness for cancer. During the month, our Gloucester Township Police Officers and Staff make their donations and forgo shaving in order to evoke conversation regarding cancer and raise money for cancer research, education, and prevention. That money goes to various organizations. Participants are encouraged to solicit friends and family to donate to the cause!

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