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Patrol Bureau

The Operations Division is the largest organizational subdivision of the Gloucester Township Police Department that consists of the Patrol and Investigations Bureaus. The Patrol Bureau is comprised of four platoons each commanded by a Platoon Commander with the rank of Lieutenant. Each platoon has two squads of patrol officers that are supervised by two Deputy Platoon Commanders with the ranks of Sergeant.

Officers assigned to the Patrol Bureau work rotating shift work requiring them to work overnight and late evening hours regularly. The majority of officers from each platoon are assigned to a geographical area within the township known as a sector. The number of officers assigned to each patrol sector varies and is based on data and workload analysis so that an appropriate number of officers can be deployed when and where the need is greatest.

Additional patrol officers are assigned to other areas of responsibility, such as the Watch Desk or Shift Investigator, during each tour of duty or “Watch.” The Watch Desk is located in Police Headquarters is staffed by an officer who assists with prisoner security, fingerprinting, building security, prisoner processing, and taking phone calls or speaking with citizens regarding criminal incidents or police related questions. The Shift Investigator is an experienced officer assigned to complete crime scene processing, evidence gathering, obtaining victim and witness statements for in-depth report writing and documentation of police investigations.

Patrol officers are also assigned to specific areas for crime surveillance, undercover operations, or plainclothes patrol where gathered intelligence has indicated this type of pro-active patrol will assist in suppressing and solving criminal incidents. Patrol officers account for the vast majority of citizen contacts in their role as first responders. They further protect our community through their patrol function which assists in reducing the opportunity for perpetrators to commit crime or other unlawful behavior.

To report a crime please call 9-1-1 for emergencies and 228-4500 for police
non-emergency issues. To leave an anonymous tip, please call our tipline at 856-842-5560.



Operations Response Unit (ORU)

The Operations Response Unit is a pro-active unit of patrol officers who specialize in problem solving in neighborhoods where normal patrol response is sometimes restrained by the various calls for service or the length of time needed to properly resolve problems.  Their focus is to conduct directed and mission oriented police activities to facilitate the delivery of services, which match community needs and will supplement the efforts of the Gloucester Township Police Department. Their primary responsibility through intelligence and specialized tactics is to combat crimes and violations that reduce the “quality of life” within Gloucester Township.



K – 9 Unit

The Gloucester Township Police Department K-9 Unit was established in 1999. From its inception this unit has distinguishing themselves as one of the top police K-9 Units in the state. Currently, there are four K-9 teams each of which are assigned to a patrol platoon. The K-9 Unit is a proud member of the United States Police Canine Association Region (U.S.P.C.A.) #15. Each K-9 Team has been honored by the U.S.P.C.A and Fraternal Order of Police for several outstanding patrol and narcotics cases through the years.


Police Bicycle Patrol

The Gloucester Township Police Department began an active Bicycle Patrol program in 2010. Having a police officer on a bicycle has multiple advantages. It makes the officer more approachable to the public without the barrier of car doors and windows of a patrol car between the officer and citizens, allowing more for an informal interaction. This public interaction reinforces the Gloucester Township Police Department’s commitment to community policing and the ability of working in a partnership with the residents we serve. The bicycle also attracts young children to the officers, which creates a learning opportunity for safer riding discussions.

The bicycle also allows easier access and increased visibility to areas that a patrol car cannot, such as parks, trails, bike paths, off road areas, neighborhood alleys and apartment pathways. This increases our patrol capabilities and mobility when it comes to locating and having contact with any people who are on foot away from vehicular travel. The bicycle is low-key and gives the officer the opportunity to approach a situation without being observed and disrupting normal activity as a patrol car would while driving through a reported problem location.

The Bicycle Patrol assignment is an ancillary duty of patrol personnel. Their times of operations vary and they can be seen during the day and night throughout Gloucester Township as well at various special community events. Residents are always encouraged to meet with any of our GTPD officers to discuss any issues that they feel would make our community safer or simply for a friendly conversation.


School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer (SRO) serves as the liaison between the police department and school staff providing law enforcement services as well as ensuring a safe school atmosphere by assisting in the administration of school rules and policies. While enforcing the law is the primary concern of law enforcement, the SRO also serves a larger purpose with many responsibilities, especially to the students. Students who form and maintain healthy relationships with these officers are better able to understand the roles and responsibilities of police officers, while at the same time the SRO can serve as instructor, advisor, and role model in hopes of making a positive mark in that young person’s life.


Honor Guard Unit

Members of the police department participate in the Honor Guard Unit. Patrol Officers receive special training in drill and ceremony and honor the colors of the United States of America, the States of New Jersey, and Gloucester Township Police during many public events throughout the community.

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