Juvenile and Family Services Bureau

The Juvenile and Family Services Bureau (JFSB) is made up of compassionate and understanding members of the Police Department who understand that our goal is to work with the family in crisis as a whole to ensure we help guide them towards the services that will benefit them. The bureau consists of juvenile detectives trained in the special needs of the youth within our Township as well as School Resource Officers who are trained to identify juveniles who are suffering from some type of crisis or family issue. These detectives and officers understand that rehabilitating juvenile offenders when possible, in lieu of punishing, is the first step in helping the youth get back on track to be a success. JFSB also attacks the issue of domestic violence with detectives who are specially trained to handle these matters.

The Juvenile Detectives investigate any incidents related to juveniles along with all missing person investigations. They work closely with our School Resource Officers to investigate any incidents that occur in one of our seventeen schools. They have access to numerous programs available to assist parents with the problems affecting their children today. These tasks are accomplished through the development and implementation of programs designed to prevent and control delinquent and criminal behavior by juveniles. The detectives also work closely with the Family Court division of the Camden County Courts.

The School Resource Officer (SRO) serves as the liaison between the police department and school staff providing law enforcement services as well as ensuring a safe school atmosphere.  While enforcing the law is the primary concern of law enforcement, the SRO also serves a larger purpose with many responsibilities, especially to the students.  Students who form and maintain healthy relationships with these officers are better able to understand the roles and responsibilities of police officers, while at the same time the SRO can serve as instructor, advisor, and role model in hopes of making a positive mark in that young person’s life.

The Domestic Violence Detectives (DVD) primarily respond to domestic violence incidents as an investigating officer where they will ensure that the victim receives any services that they may need at that time. The DV Detective will continue to follow-up with the victim as their case progresses through the court system. These detectives are specially trained in evaluating the safety of the residence and relationship between the victim and accused. These detectives also work closely with Family Court and are often attending court hearings concerning the parties involved. The DV Detectives also work with the Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT) which are that are trained volunteers that provide comfort, education and referral services to persons and families in need.

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