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The Gloucester Township Police Department is committed in maintaining public safety and public trust. In order to accomplish this mission the department ensures that all its officers participate in the most up to date training available. The Gloucester Township Police Department established the Professional Development Bureau, which is made up of officers from within the rank and file of the department who are all highly trained in all aspects of law enforcement. These officers are dedicated and focused on ensuring that all police personnel are trained and prepared to meet all the challenges within the field of law enforcement, which include:

De-Escalation – Officers are trained to reduce the intensity of a conflict or potentially violent situation through de-escalation. Our officers better understand moral values and ethics as they pertain to their life and profession. They are taught to communicate better under stress in an attempt to de-escalate and resolve conflict.

Officer/Family Wellness – The men and women of the Gloucester Township Police Department put their lives on the line every day to protect the citizens they serve. Often the first to respond to a scene, our officers regularly encounter some of the most traumatic events affecting our community. The emotional and mental toll of this work can build over time and contribute to a range of health issues. Employees and family members are equipped with the tools they need to cope with the unique stressors of their work.

Field Training Program – Field Training is the phase of training that occurs directly after completion of recruit training or when officers are hired from other agencies. It is designed to instruct new officers on the various duties they will perform as well as evaluate their performance during their probationary period. The Professional Development Bureau trains and mentors every officer from the time they enter into the police academy until they are assigned to a Field Training Officer. The transition from civilian to public servant can prove to be challenging and it is imperative that newly hired officers receive all the support they deserve.

Use of Force – Sworn law enforcement officers have been granted the extraordinary authority to use force when necessary to accomplish lawful ends. That authority is grounded in the responsibility of every Gloucester Township Police Officer to comply with the laws of the State of New Jersey regarding the use of force and to comply with the provisions of policy. The Professional Development Bureau has an obligation to prepare individual officers in the best way possible to exercise that authority in a safe and efficient manner.


Firearms Training – Provide extensive training to all sworn members of the Department in the safe handling and use of a firearm. This department will also adhere to the procedures set forth by the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office and New Jersey Attorney General’s Guidelines regarding Firearm Qualifications.

In-Service Training – The in-service training of police officers has always been encouraged. Continued law enforcement education will enable an officer to perform more efficiently and more safely, and is essential in limiting liability in civil actions arising from officer’s activities.

Police Academy Trainers – Police Academy Training is to provide the highest level of training for our Law Enforcement Community and to enhance the quality of police professionalism through education.

Members of the Professional Development Bureau Training Cadre assist with recruit training and in-service training and are considered experts in their field.

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